Flexible and easy to use.
It's possible to generate a high quality Forest Map by combination of parts.
- 32 types of 3D models (.fbx).
- Almost all 3D models have LOD.
- 76 Map Parts (.prefab) that can create maps immediately.
- High quality texture, normal map
- Object collision, wall collision, Partition collision
- Dedicated shaders support the Universal Render Pipline (URP).
- PostProcessingStack data.
Universal Render Pipline (URP):
This asset only uses the Standard Shader.
Standard shaders should be converted to URP shaders for use.
Verified in Unity 2019.4 URP7.3.1.
PostProcessingStack Data:
Created with PostProcessing 3.0.1.
WebGL Demo
Can express more beautifully
by using post effect etc.
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